Custom CupsRipple Wall Paper Cups

Ripple Wall Paper Cups

The ripple wall cup is a double wall cup with an additional layer of paper. This cup features an additional corrugated paper full wrap which makes this cup the best insulating cup. In other words: Just like the double wall cup this extra feature also prevents the cup from being too hot to hold. We offer different patterns of corrugated paper and the cups are available fully printed with your own design or logo and can be made in all kinds of colors.



….and some info for all you people with additional questions about color codes, size etc. the professionals:


Printing Options:

Flexo: Pantone colors (Color scale: U)
Offset: CMYK colors


Inner layer: 105 gsm + 20 gsm PE
Mid layer: 160 gsm
Outer layer: 320 gsm


Dimensions and Product Codes:

Product code Size Diameter (Top) Diameter (Bottom) Height
RCUP04A 4oz 67 mm 48 mm 60 mm
RCUP04B 4oz 62 mm 45 mm 60 mm
RCUP08 8oz 80 mm 55 mm 90 mm
RCUP12A 12oz 80 mm 53 mm 114 mm
RCUP12B 12oz 90 mm 58 mm 110 mm
RCUP12C 12oz 80 mm 53 mm 121 mm
RCUP16 16oz 90 mm 58 mm 137 mm
RCUP20 20oz 90 mm 60 mm 159 mm