Our juice and smoothie cups are made from the plastic material PET. This cup is the most popular disposable plastic cup on the market due to the clarity and the durability of the material. The clarity also makes it possible to make custom prints that look crisp and sharp.




….and some info for all you people with additional questions about color codes, size etc. the professionals:


Printing Options:

Pantone colors (Color scale: C)


Info about the material:

  • PET (Polyethylene terephalate)
  • Freeze/Heat resistant: -22ºF to 180ºF / -30ºC to 80ºC
  • Crack resistant
  • Odor free (maintains the original flavour)
  • High degree of sterilization


Dimensions and Product Codes:

Product code Size Diameter (Top) Diameter (Bottom) Height
PETC01 1oz/30ml 45 mm 25 mm 45 mm
PETC02 2oz/60ml 52 mm 35 mm 50 mm
PETC05 5oz/150ml 74 mm 42 mm 69 mm
PETC07 7oz/210ml 74 mm 44 mm 86 mm
PETC08 6oz/240ml 78 mm 46 mm 84 mm
PETC10 10oz/300ml 78 mm 50 mm 103 mm
PETC12A 12oz/360ml 84 mm 51 mm 104 mm
PETC12B 12oz/375ml 90 mm 57 mm 110 mm
PETC14 14oz/400ml 98 mm 59 mm 104 mm
PETC16A 16oz/500ml 98 mm 63 mm 121 mm
PETC16B 16oz/500ml 95 mm 62 mm 123 mm
PETC16C 16oz/500ml 100 mm 63 mm 122 mm
PETC20 20oz/600ml 98 mm 68 mm 136 mm