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Ice Cream Cups

Our ice cream cups are what you are looking for if you want to spice up the look of your ice cream on the go. The cups come in all colors and are also available fully printed with your own design or logo.


….and some info for all you annoyingly thorough people with additional questions about color codes, size etc. the professionals:



Printing Options:

Offset: CMYK colors



1: 320 gsm + 18 gsm PE
2: 350 gsm + 18 gsm PE


Dimensions and Product Codes:

Product code Size Diameter (Top) Diameter (Bottom) Height
ICUP03 3oz 75 mm 60 mm 45 mm
ICUP05 5oz 85 mm 70 mm 50 mm
ICUP08 8oz 95 mm 80 mm 53 mm
ICUP10 10oz 103 mm 85 mm 60 mm
ICUP12 12oz 105 mm 90 mm 65 mm
ICUP16 16oz 105 mm 85 mm 75 mm
ICUP20 20oz 122 mm 95 mm 80 mm